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How can I ask for a masculine haircut despite not being out?

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I’m a young, closeted ftm with a very feminine long, straight brown hair that I’ve had for years. I’ve never cut it (besides small tip trims) and I don’t know how to suggest getting a boys cut to both my mom and hairdresser. I’m afraid if I ask my hairdresser (she’s friends with my mom and not very good at english), she’ll either tell me I shouldn’t cut my hair (she basically gushes over how beautiful i look with it every time i see her) or give me something feminine like a pixie, which I don’t want. Help/advice?

Hi cornertoast, welcome to Susan's Place! First things first, if you want a male looking haircut, you go to a barber, not a hairstylist. Okay, that's about it.  :)

Oh, have you ever seen the barber scene in Gran Torino? I don't recommend that approach!  :laugh:

See you around the site!

Hugs, Devlyn

You don't state your age. If you are underage and at your Mom's mercy for the haircut then clear it with her first. How you do that is governed by your relationship dynamics with your mom.

Find a photo of the exact haircut that you want, show it to them, be ready to stand your ground. If the Hairdresser doesn't cut as you wish, find one that will - a barber will do.

Take a photo to a different hairdresser or barber to start with and get it cut. Deal with the mom repercussions & fallout after the fact .. I don't recommend that one :P

good luck and welcome :)

Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: cornertoast on August 06, 2019, 01:44:12 pm ---I’m a young, closeted ftm with a very feminine long, straight brown hair that I’ve had for years. I’ve never cut it (besides small tip trims) and I don’t know how to suggest getting a boys cut.... ....
--- End quote ---
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