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Finding a relationship with a man that would help me transition


Hello everyone. I’m new to this forum and hope to gain some insight and maybe make a few friends. I have always been into cross dressing and I loved it because I looked good as a female. I used to wear my ex’s Victoria secret stuff when she wasn’t home. I go through phases where I shave my whole body because I love feeling feminine. I have long hair and love it when I braid it lol. I want to transition but I also want to find a man to be with to support me on my journey. I’m not really out so I don’t know what to do...

Lady Sarah:
Firstly, you need to know what you want to do. A man will have a hard time getting into anything serious with someone that does not know what the other person wants. If you want to transition, be honest about it with yourself and whomever you want a relationship with. Set goals, and do what it takes to reach those goals... even if you hit stumbling blocks and find failure.

If you can find a guy willing to be with you while you go through with it, it would be a blessing just to have a harmonious relationship through all the thick and thin in both your lives. Be careful finding the right guy. There are a lot of duds and scoundrels.

Transitioning is personal and involved enough that it needs to be done for yourself.   On that path you may find support and intimacy but fitting them into your visions and needs will require some internal clarity.  Much conversation will also help.     

Hi, Femmeboyluv!

Welcome to Susan's Place.

Those are two different projects: transitioning and finding a partner.  Trying to manage both at the same time could get difficult.

To transition, you should find a good gender therapist.  Talk to them about your wants, needs, and desires.  They will help you get started on your transition.

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