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Coming out to internet friends


I am considering coming out to friends that i know on the internet in the coming days.  I think thisbwould be a good first step because if I lose these guys as friends, even though it will hurt, it wont effect my life in any major way and it could raise my confidence going forward to eventually come out irl.  Does anyone know a good way to go around this?  The app is discord btw

Hi LostGirl,

I think coming out online is a good way to practice for coming out in person. In a way that's what I did by coming out here on Susan's. Of course I hadn't made any friends here yet, because I was a total newbie. But being honest about myself here gave me the confidence to come out to my family less than a month later.

I'm not sure what discord is. I've heard so many people talk about it, I just have looked into what it is yet. But if it's like a chatline or some other forum, I think I'd just kind of ease into it. Let them know you have to talk to them about something important. Then just kind of break the news. Let them know how much they mean to you, and that you don't want to lose them, but you had to be honest with them. That should really get the conversation going.

Good luck to you. Just please know that no matter how it goes you can always turn to the good people here at Susan's for support.


I came out to quite a few people by email long before I came out to people in person.  It is a good way to practise coming out, and it is a good way to make a little bit of progress that you can feel good about.


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