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A Trans Woman Was Arrested for Using Women's Restroom

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--- Quote from: Lynne on August 19, 2019, 02:39:13 pm ---What is not clear to me is, how did they know that she is trans? She looks like a beautiful young lady, I wouldn't think that she is trans based on her looks, we obviously don't have the complete picture here.

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I don't have the full picture, but judging from the article, it sounds like she was filming the whole thing on her camera-phone; if I understand correctly, this can be a form of protest used to provoke a reaction; similar to how one may visibly film the police in an attempt to capture any perceived brutality on video....meaning, perhaps in not so many words: She was asking for trouble. Hate to say it. Perhaps she felt judged by the establishment and wanted to prove some kind of a point; perhaps she's just a natural rabble-rouser, or she may just like the attention; sadly a lot of kids get neglected and start thinking that getting any attention at all, negative or otherwise is better than nothing.

Like has already been stated though, I couldn't tell she was trans just by looking at her. If she hadn't made a big thing out of it...I'd bet money that nobody would have noticed or said a thing lol.

Haley Conner:
The cleaning lady needs to mind her own business!  Better to go to the men's room and be assaulted??  I don't think so!

I thought for a moment this was going to be someplace in NC.  ;D



--- Quote from: Lisa89125 on August 30, 2019, 05:46:34 pm ---I thought for a moment this was going to be someplace in NC.  ;D


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I just spent seven months in North Carolina gracing their ladies rooms with my presence.  ;D

Also important to note that HB 2 was repealed after all the economic harm it caused the state.

Women are not interested in other women in the public restroom. They are just busy doing their own chores, applying makeup or checking their appearance. They are more talkative than men. And they seem to feel some kinship in the public restroom.

I like to meet my old friends to go out or have dinner together. Sometimes I accidentally bump into one or two female friends in the women's public restroom. Some of them react as if they see the mischief of a boy, but without saying a word as it can cause some trouble. Some are just accepting it. I remember a female friend in the next stall recognized me, chatting with me in a restroom. She just treated me as if I am her female friend.

When I travel or go out with my family, I avoid entering women's restroom. Fortunately, most of public restrooms here have handicap stalls, and I prefer women's as women's restrooms tend to be crowdy, and of course, it is safer for me.

Law for protecting trans people is still under discussion in the national parliament here, as some Christians vehemently oppose it. However, other existing laws on human rights still can protect LGBT people, although it is not explicit.

I just behave not to make any trouble. Some of my male friends tend to be surprised at my using women's restroom, as they do not grasp what I do daily. Entering a men's restroom causes all kinds of fuss just with plain unisex clothes. Once I was drunken after having dinner with my male colleagues and accidentally entered the men's in a restaurant. A staff outside there shoulted at me that it is for men. Maybe some of the collelagues could understand what I have to deal with everyday.



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