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Before and After Triple with Dr Haben

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Hey sisters!

I can finally check off the removal of my #1 dysphoria!  Just as others have done before me and to help my sister with their decision to have this done, I am presenting you with "before and after" sound clips of the standard Rainbow passage.

If anyone has any questions for me about anything, especially this surgery, I would be happy to answer. I could not dream of a better outcome and I am so happy! 

I suggest for the best affect, listen to the POST op first!

This is 30 days post op (Glottoplasty, CTA (cricothyroid approximation) and Tracheal shave)  AKA the "Triple" from Dr Haben in Rochester, New York

These are the Pre-Op recordings:

This is after 7-8 months of professional transgender training

This is PRE "Everything" - No Voice training whatsoever..  GUY Yuckiness in all its glory!

Now....  FFS in 5 months on the horizon! :)

Love you all!

Maid Marion:
 Hi Kristen!

Quite the improvement!  Congratulations!


Thank you very much for sharing these recordings, the improvement is remarkable!
I can very much relate to the #1 dysphoria triggering thing. Being able to just speak and sound right must be an incredible feeling.

Yesss you sound amazing!😊

My trip to Dr. Haben was the icing on the cake. It was the final piece of the puzzle to have a normal female presentation to the rest of the world.................

And for under $10000 it was dirt cheap.


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