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Not allowed to post to gallery (category)

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I am at 20 posts and according to the Post Rank topic 15 should unlock "most restrictions". I'm trying to post a picture to the "Before And After" gallery category and I get a message saying "You are not allowed to add a picture in this category." I searched the site as well as I could and couldn't find any additional details on why I might not be able to post the picture. I very much appreciate any help or clarification. :)

I find nothing wrong with your profile and I don't know for sure what the problem is. My guess is the most restrictions are remove is the source of the problem. The ability to smite or applaud a user is enabled at 50 post and I suspect the gallery might also have the 50 post restriction.

The warning is continue posting as you have been. If we see you making posts just to run up your post count, you will find features disabled. We don't do this often but every so often a poster churns out one liners just to get features and we disable certain features.

That makes sense. I definitely wouldn't post anything just for the post rank.

Hi Dee,

I've never tried to post a picture before, but I know a lot of people have trouble doing it. I think Alaskan Danielle is the picture expert around here. She might be able to give you some advice on what's going on.

Hope this helps,



--- Quote from: Dee_Tal on August 20, 2019, 11:03:59 pm ---I definitely wouldn't post anything just for the post rank.

--- End quote ---
Probably not but I don't want to give anybody else ideas. They seem to be pretty good at figuring out the easy way to gain features by themself.  ;D


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