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An Assie visiting Edinburgh & London


Hi everyone,
I'm a mature Australian, still fairly early in my transition journey, taking a long planned trip to Edinburgh and London (plus some Europe as well) where I expect to spend my most contiguous time yet presenting feminine.  I'd love it if anybody could direct me to interesting and/or friendly places.  I'd also love to meet up with any groups that happen to be gathering while I'm around.  While I have some tours booked I will have fairly flexible time in Edinburgh from 1 to 5 September and London from 10 to 13 and 15 to 17 September if any body is interested in meeting.  In any case I'd love to chat some more and gain from your local knowledge & experience!

<snort.... chuckle> immature American here.... you're an Assie?   :laugh:

We're going to Scotland in November, I'm going to follow this thread with interest.

Hugs, Devlyn

Hi Devlyn,
Yes, I've not been overwhelmed, have I?
In practice , I've a friend of my son to catch up with in London and I met a great London couple at the bar of a hotel I was staying at on a 3-day tour out of Edinburgh.  I'll also be catching up with them again when I'm I'm in London.
Good luck!


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