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Born Trans VS Became Trans?

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So I suppose the overarching question that I have in my life now is, "Why am I trans?" ...I think I pretty much know the how of it, even if I might still be trying to come to terms with it...but I still have no clue WHY I'm trans?

My parents taught me it was something someone became, (they're traditional-thinking right-wingers though, and may have been ignorant of the actual science of it.)

As am I. I am ignorant of why I am the way I am, and this question has literally colored my entire life and I'm sick of not having an answer lol. Maybe I never will. If I was born this way, why was I born this way? Maybe it's because my dysfunctional parents were full of drugs and alcohol when they had me, (seriously, it's kind of a miracle that I can even think or speak at all; the way that party went, it's lucky I don't BARK lol.)  :D

But if it was something I became, why did I become trans? Maybe it was because my father was never around, leaving me to be raised by my mother, sister, and all their girlfriends. I dunno. *flips a coin into the air*  :laugh:

Nobody knows for sure but research suggest that exposure to testosterone before you're born causes you to develop a male identity. The lack of testosterone results in a feminine identity. Testosterone is produce by the gonads however DES which is no longer used could suppress testosterone production.

We are pretty sure that your identity is set at birth and it only becomes a matter of what age you figure it out. Some know at 3 or 4 and others take until they are senior citizens. Commonly puberty is a trigger but not always.

What Dena said! Here's something else to think about...current research into brain scans has shown that the brains of trans individual more closely resemble the brains of the gender we identify as. Exp. I'm MTF so my brain scan would resemble that of a cis female. A trans man's brain scan would look like that of a cis male.

I hope researchers continue this line of study. Maybe one day they can positively identify what caused so many of us to be trans.

Allie Jayne:
I had read that in 2013 a research published a paper on the results of dissecting over a hundred brains, where he proved that the section of the brain which controlled gender identity was proportionately smaller in women than men. He also had a small sample of transgender women brains, and found the same results as cis women. The sample of trans brains was too small to draw a reliable conclusion, but it was felt worthwhile to mention on the paper.

By 2015 researchers from around the world had added enough other tests on trans brains to get the scientific community to agree that the results from the original study applies to trans subjects, and as a result the WHO removed GID from the list of psychological disorders and had it added to the list of physiological disorders. Most governments have accepted this listing, though lots of medical associations are still basing their policies on research from decades ago, and often from religious research.

Further to this, researchers were able to identify large hormonal swings occurring at the time the brain is forming as the reason some cis foetus' develop a trans brain, and thus we are made trans before we are born, and it can't be changed. I've read this in different articles, and I'm sure from a link published a few months ago on this forum.


Thanks all! So would a neurologist be able to perform a brain scan on me and compare it a cis-male and cis-female and tell what brain my gender is? Or would my brain scan show me as a male because I thought I was a male growing up? Or is it a case of the technology needing to be perfected still, and the results could be hit or miss? Been looking around online and some people say brain scans aren't definitive and either can't or shouldn't be used to diagnose gender dysphoria? Also kinda hard to find information that doesn't have some kind of political agenda with it; whether it's radical right-wingers trying to discount or invalidate trans, or radical left-wingers trying to convince the radical right-wingers that there's no choice at all. Makes the whole thing really confusing for me....but I guess logically, if it's not a choice, then I should go through with transition....and if it is a choice, then if I think I'd be happier as a girl, I should still choose to transition...So I guess it doesn't really matter too much to me whether it's biological or psychological; the end result is the same regardless; it's not my fault lol. If it's a psychological thing, then someone saying I chose to have Gender Dysphoria is kind of like saying a Soldier chose to come home with PTSD lol; which is ridiculous; it's not a choice lol. That much to me is at least cleared up.  :)


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