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Hormone replacement therapy shortages ‘devastating’ for trans women


Hormone replacement therapy shortages ‘devastating’ for trans women

Pink News/Articles written by Vic Parsons (260) 08/29/2019

"hormone replacement therapy (HRT) shortages across the UK could have a “devastating” impact on trans women, according to an endocrinologist."

Sorry to reply to this post so long after it was first started but through issues getting topicals I looked at overseas pharmacies (real ones that require prescriptions) and found one that had what I was using (Until the insurance company changed its formularies)  Anyway if your have a real prescription there are some places that offer oestrogel at a reasonable price and if my blood tests are any indication its as good as the US version Estrogel.  I also must admit I enjoy not having to deal with "Are you sure this is for YOU?" when dealing with the local pharmacy.

I've waited 6 years. I would be devastated to wait any more.


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