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Cyberpunk 2077 offering extremely inclusive character creation.

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It's on my Xmas list, so we'll see how it plays on my Xbox One X....  In the meantime-  I'll rope the kids in for a round of CP2020, I think I've got my sourcebook around somewhere!



Heather A:
I purchased the game a while ago and have put in almost 50 hours into it and I still have not beaten the game just enjoyed many of the side missions and just general messing around in the game.  I haven't noticed anything super Transphobic in the game itself.  Like others have said they do let you customize anything on your character that I quite enjoyed.  You can even get a vehicle with the Transgender flag on the back if you do finish certain missions in the game.

In my opinion, while the game isn't perfect with all the bugs I haven't witnessed anything Transphobic in the game.  But maybe I need to finish the game first, but I'm taking my sweat time.

There is a transwoman character in Cyberpunk who's an actual story character and not just a random NPC in the background, and the cool thing is it's so easy to miss if you don't follow her side story because they keep it subtle and never push that in your face.

Her name is Claire Russell, and you actually meet her in the prologue story to the game, but you would never even think that she was trans. Later into the game she will contact you to start her side quests which are some fun little races. Well when I went to the first race I noticed this truck on the field:

So I'm thinking, hey that's cool, someone has a trans flag on their car. Took me a minute or two and I realized oh this is Clair's truck. So I started to think a bit. Then I opened her character journal to see and sure enough the game confirmed it:

She will talk to you about it if you continue down her questline but only just a subtle little "before I transitioned" in the middle of her sentence rather than going all into the whole "hey I need to tell you something" route. I thought it was a really cool thing to find in the game, and just thought I'd share. But I really love how subtly it was handled. I feel like this pretty much counters all those claims about the game being transphobic in my opinion.

That’s really cool. I have the game but haven’t opened it yet (Christmas present). I’ll keep an eye out for her.


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