Author Topic: Tears Without Tissues: A Transgender Poem  (Read 162 times)

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Tears Without Tissues: A Transgender Poem
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:26:10 pm »
I never knew why
I feel the way I do inside.
Or why I could never be
Someone who feels like me.
In skin that is not mine
And bones I never had;
Nor peace in my mind
Nor friends on my side:
Forever lonely, lost and sad.

Who could understand
In a world where I am wrong?
When I feel the world’s backhand
On an Earth I don’t belong.
How could it be
That he is a she;
That my name is not my own.
Nor the laughter I cry
Or the truth I lie;
Yet no one has ever known.
I never believed
Nor visually conceived
That this could happen to me;
Yet here I am
A sir but a ma’am,
Here for only me to see.

Loved ones turn back,
Their words impale my heart.
And though I stand poised for attack,
Yet from them I cannot part.
My words are mute,
My heart silenced by thunder;
The inner self hidden,
The truth but a blunder.

And if they only knew me authentically,
If the truth they could only grasp,
Then they would begin to see
That I continue to be
As I have always been a lass.
If I could keep her quiet,
If I could keep her away;
Then I would be a liar,
For, alas, Danielle is here to stay.