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unacceptable waiting times

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Alice Skye:
Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service

The current waiting time for a first appointment is 26 months.

The current waiting time for a second appointment is 20months.

The overall waiting time for new referrals from referral to treatment is 46 months.

Updated September 2019

Hi Alice,

That is just ludicrous!! I can't believe people there have to wait so long for help. I mean I can believe because it's true, but it's simply mind boggling. I'm so sorry you all have to suffer that long before you can get help.  >:(

Four years?...

I suppose I've gone through about 40 through my life already. If another four years is what it takes, I suppose that's it.


Its why so many in UK go private....just had my letter through tell me 2.5 yrs :)

I just moved to the UK and I'll be going to my first ever doctor's appointment here Wednesday. I'm post-op, and I'm curious to see if they put me straight on estradiol, or try to run me through the GIC as a new patient. I'll just go private if they do, but it should be interesting.


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