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unacceptable waiting times

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Oh my good that is insane!

I’m not surprised about the long waiting for the first appointment but the second! It sounds like a complete disaster.

In Sweden the queues are just increasing but I believe average now is one year for the first appointment. When you have gotten the first appointment they prioritize you and things actually speeds up.

But do you only have 2 appointments in Britain in order to receive treatment?

That’s discouraging.  I guess all the more reason to get on the waiting list straight away.  No point soul searching for some time before going to my GP then having to wait four years for any treatment.

I had to go private I will be 71 in 4 years time!!

Well I got referred Feb 17 and have my first appointment Nov 12th , just hope the next ones are quicker as letter says 3 visits before they decide anything. Hoping me being on HRT and full time helps , I wanted to be "sorted"  before I retire but that's only 17 months away

Wow!!!  4 years!!!

It took me about 5 months from when I told my doctor I wanted hormones until I saw the endocrinologist and got my prescription.


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