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Looking at make up ideas and just love the gothic look always have just haven't tried makeup yet  what do you think ?

I sometimes like the gothic look. My favorite makeup look is something that includes smokey eyes. I just love the darker colors around the eyes. Oh and I also really like when a woman has blond hair but really dark eyebrows. Once I learn how to do makeup I'll be doing both of those things with mine.

Haley Conner:
IMO start with the basics.  There's a lot to learn there, and it's harder than it looks.  Once you are on a solid foundation, then making stylistic deviations should be no problem.  Here are a few tips:
a) Use a good foundation.  The more pigment the better.  Cheap foundation will have less pigment.
b) Get a contouring palette.  There are different schools of thought on how to use it, so you may want to do some research and experiment to find out which is right for you.  Try not to over contour, imo.
c) When putting on eyeliner, learn to go by feel.  You'll want to put it directly over the eyelashes, so when you feel it dragging on your eyelashes, you're on the right track.
d) blush goes on the apples of the cheeks.
e) When applying mascara, which I rarely bother with because it's such a pain in the <not allowed>, use an index card or something like that to shield the rest of your face.  That makes it a little less difficult.
f) For lips it's easier to start by using a lip liner and then filling in with whatever type of lipstick you prefer.
g) If you want your lips to look fuller use shades of pink.
h) Another way to add fullness is to go a little beyond the natural contour of your lips.  Start just outside the little valley that travels from the base of your nose to your lips ( no idea what it's called ) and then pull it back in as you move toward the corners.
I) When applying foundation, be sure to get it everywhere.  The bottom of your nose and around nostrils, all around your eyes, neck, etc. 
J) Finish it off with a setting or finishing powder to make everything matte.
k) Order: 1) liquid foundation 2) contouring 3) powder 4) eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lips 5) powder blush
l) Be prepared to open your wallet!  :laugh: 
k) get a girl who knows makeup to help if possible.

Most women at my age here do not wear heavy makeup.
I am a kind of minimalist, but I do wear moisturizer, suncream and fake eyelashes nearly every day. Occasionally I wear foundation when I need to hide some unwanted blemishes and lipstick. I prefer fake eyelashes to mascara and eye pencil, because it can save time in the morning and I do not need to clean eye makeup at night.


I knew some goth girls in high school. One in particular that I worked with was so beautiful. I was 17 years old and I think she was around 30, and I just thought she was so amazing. When done right, the goth look can be very beautiful.


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