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Wedge repair


I have a pair of red wedge espadrilles that I so seriously love and wear often

I was out and about today when the upper part of the shoe started separating from the top of the wedge.

Can anyone recommend a glue or tricks to repair them as i just cant find a replacement for them on Ebay :-(

I've repaired multitudes of shoes and sandals using Loctite GO2 All Purpose.
Use liberally without oozing .. or clean excess well before it sets .. or let it bead and trim the excess after curing.
clamp for 24 hours <<-- important
None of the shoes that I have glued have given out in the same place.

I dislike this glue for everything, it doesn't like to hold. With shoes, for some reason, it works extremely well.
I've tried 'shoe goo' .. it does not hold as well.

Thank you!!!!

I've used Shoe Goo with good results. It's mentioned at this web page, which will give you others as well.


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