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And yet another heel question


So today's adventure in being a woman was extremely painful!

So a bit of a backstory,  I've been practicing my mannerisms (walk, voice, gestures) and today was low heel day.

So, after following advice on this forum and on the internet,  I bought some simple all day comfort mary Jane heels, made by a very reputable company,  with a low heel height. I sat on the edge of my bed a d tried them on and they fit super perfect and were super cushioned, the strap across the foot felt they would be stable.

When I stood up, all hell broke loose.

It literally felt like someone shoved knives into the back of my legs, enough to cause me to fall. If I didn't know any better I'd say I got two Charlie horses simultaneously.

Mind you these aren't spike heels, there a sensible block heel. What was stunning was I've never had this happen with wedges or my clogs.

What gives?

It is probably because you put all your weight onto the heel?  Don't have your knees and back straight?

Because the way I seem to be designed, I have a hard time to walk an flat shoes (loafer type), and prefer a 2" to 4" or so heel. I feel more comfortable on block heels than on the wedge types.  Block heels tend to be a little wider, and give me more stability.  But my main weight is on the front of my foot, similar to walking tippy toes

Walking in heels is different, for sure. It's like walking on your "tiptoes". You must train yourself to put your weight on the balls of your feet rather than the heel. There are some good tutorial videos on YouTube on walking in heels. Practice a little every day at home until you feel more comfortable in them. Many women actually go out in flats carrying their heels in a bag and slip them on in the car before going into a more formal event. It's probably not a bad idea to minimize heel wearing. They're not very good for the feet.

I agree, I believe the problem was that I was putting all of my weight on the heel. I'm 6'2 so outrageous high heels are out of the question for me. If only to be 19 again :laugh:

I'm simply out to be fluid in my walking. I've scored a few  pairs of 1 inch comfort/work heels as of recent on Ebay and I suppose that will help a bit.

Practice,  practice,  practice

I guess it was the problem of the heels. You may try another pair with a diffrent style. Typically, high heel sandals and ankle boots are more comfortable than pumps. Those with platforms and thick heels are also more comfortable.

In my cases, any heels lower than 4-inch are comfortable to walk on, even running. Five inches without platform are certainly a challenge.



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