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I've been here before, but since I had deleted my profile several months ago, I'm repeating this post now. You can catch up with my story in the introductions section.

Last May, I made the 2 1/2 hour drive to Kaiser Oakland for my FFS consultation with Dr. Shih. As written about by others, he and his PA are very helpful and respectful.

The procedures he’s recommending are:
Hairline lowering
Frontal cranioplasty with orbital contouring (Type 3)
Lip lift
Jaw contouring
Laryngochodroplasty (tracheal shave)

In addition, he recommended cosmetic cheek injections and talked about fat injections in my lips. However, given the before/after pictures from other’s lip lifts, I think the effect will sufficiently enhance my lips. I will opt for the cheek injections though.

As far as a timeline, he said they’re looking at a 12-14 month wait. However, they are bringing on a third surgeon, so that might speed things up just a bit.

He also recommended a face lift, but only after the initial FFS so we can see if those effects are enough. He said the cheek injections would cost around 3K and the face lift might cost 11K. Both doable….

Last week, I received a call from their office and we’ve scheduled my FFS for June 16, 2020.

And now the wait.


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:
Thanks for sharing you good news about getting confirmed for surgery next summer...  the time will fly by faster that you might realize.
Please keep us all updated as your special day approaches.

On the first thread that you recently posted I provided in my Welcome Back message to you important and informative LINKS that will help you to get the best experience here on the forums.

Again, Welcome to Susan's Place,

Best wishes to you,

It looks like COVID-19 is halting all FFS at Kaiser.

I belong to a FB group, Transgender Care via Kaiser, where one person said their March 27th FFS with Kaiser had been cancelled. The surgeon's office didn't immediately reschedule, saying they were on lockdown for 3-4 months.

After waiting more than a year for my FFS, it looks like it will be at least October for my date.....I've not yet heard from Kaiser, since my current date is June 16th, but the dominoes are falling.



Six Months

I have two questions for those who are reading this, and I hope to hear from many of you.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve reached the six month mark, particularly since it’s taken me four years to get here.. yes, I first started HRT nearly four years ago and then stopped more times than I can remember. When i began this current six-month journey, I’d previously stopped for five months. Given that I’d never gone six weeks without stopping, I’m particularly proud to be this stubborn.

And yet, I’m troubled by my progress. As I’ve detailed in my month four and five posts, I’ve experienced a pause in my progress since I changed from the Climara, once a week, patch to the twice a week Dot. I did experiment in mid-February by increasing my dosage by 50%, a period where I felt my breasts resume their fullness. Sadly, when my Estrogen level came back as 275 (US), my physician asked me to return to the normal dosage and retest a few weeks later. That new test came back at 126 (US) and because I’m 68, she’d rather not see my levels in the 150-200 range, which she considers high.  I’m disappointed.

So, my first question is in regards to the Climara patch vs. the Dot. For those of you who have used both, was your progress relatively the same when you compare them, or was one method more effective than the other? I ask because given that my progress seemed on track with the Climara patch, I was surprised when it stopped when I began the Dot.

My second question is regarding growth. By the end of December, I’d achieved just under an “A” cup. Now I realize that many women don’t achieve an A by the end of the first year, but since all the female members of my family have a C cup or better, I’ve been expecting that a B would be in my future.

I’ve experienced no growth in three months and while I’m aware that YMMV and our progress is dependent on many factors, I’m also curious about periods of stasis versus periods of growth. What are your experiences regarding your growth? What is the history of your growth versus no growth?

Two months until my scheduled FFS, although I fully expect a call delaying it until at least October due to COVID-19.


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:
Thank you for posting and sharing your update... while I understand  your disappointment, it is very true that HRT will work differently for every body... it is up to your genes and physical makeup as to what HRT will accomplish.
Yes, I am glad that you are aware of the saying here on the forums.....  YMMV
   Your Mileage May Vary   

One thing is for sure, body changes with HRT almost never happen quickly.  Patience is definitely required.
What you read about another member's results will most likely not be your own.... you are unique.

I am pleased to read that your doctor has been monitoring your HRT blood levels ....  things can get out of control very quickly so it is best to not experiment with altering dosages.   Higher is not always better, and as your doctor indicated it can be dangerous to your overall health.

In the end, what HRT doesn't do can be mostly corrected with surgeries....  expensive but very helpful.
Surgeries for non-life threatening issues are certainly being delayed at most medical centers.... it is for your own safety... and that is good in my opinion....   with the Covid-19 thing going on I try to stay far away from hospitals and  medical clinics.

I feel your disappointment, and have no words to make feel better or to solve the problems you stated....   I will volunteer one  thing however, from my non-professional medical viewpoint, I don't think that stopping and restarting your HRT regimen is helping your final progress.... slow and steady without interruption in my opinion is the best way to handle this.

I am wishing you well an I am eagerly following your posts to keep updated on your progress.
HUGS and best wishes, stay safe, stay healthy,


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