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Letter about the New Normal

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You letter moved me to tears which these days I seem to be more at ease with. I am not a religious person at all but I was humbled to see the way your faith carried you through an incredibly difficult time in your life. Quite often the spouses of those who transition can be left behind to pick up the pieces of a life they thought was once so secure.

I cannot imagine the kind of grace(that word again) and pure courage it took for you to make the decisions you made to embrace this woman into your life.

I wish you both joy and happiness


That is a very emotional letter that had me in tears, Thank you for sharing this here with everyone, it shows that the person transitioning is not the only one that struggles with transition. The spouses and family members also have to transition but can make it thru and be happy.
Your love and caring shows thru this even with your struggling at the start it has brought you back the inner loving compassionate person that you fell in love with to start with.

These are the kind of posts that I enjoy the most, ones that inspire and show how incredible and understanding people can be

Thank you for this

Allie Jayne:
Anne, I too was moved to tears by your story and your unconditional love. Susan has shared her thoughts with me on how we both love our wives and our struggles to stay with them. You put into words the struggles my wife and daughter are going through to cope with the loss of a husband and father, and their suffering is my greatest pain. Your unconditional love and support of Susan earns you my greatest admiration, knowing how hard is is for you. I am in awe of my wife and daughter for their support while grieving for the person they love so much, and, even though I know it is not my fault or decision, I can't help but feel responsible for their pain.

Susan is so lucky to have you, and I am so happy you've found in her the qualities which brought you both together in the first place. Thank you for posting and know I wish your life with Susan will bring joy and so many rewards, as you both deserve them!



Anne T:
@LizK @Quinn @Allie Jayne

Thank you for all your heartfelt responses.  I'm just glad my comments touched some hearts here.  We are all on these journeys together and it's nice to have a supportive community there in both good times and bad.

Anne T (AKA: Frances) ;)

Thank you for sharing Frances.  I know Susan as a caring, thoughtful woman who is quick to offer a comment of hope and love.  I must admit, your description of her prior self was similar to mine.  I know she is happier and I hope your marriage gets stronger for it.



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