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Fashions and styles come and go. Any you wish to come back or go away?

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Fashions and styles come and go.  Are there any you wish that would come back or that you would like to see go away?  Men and women, chime in!



                    (You talkin' to me?)

--- Quote from: the 60's hippie girl look ---       Twiggy was at the forefront of women's liberation in the sixties, often not wearing a bra or garters, and showing off those long legs in a perilously short skirt.
      When Twiggy first started out, many thought that she wouldn't be around for long. But here we are, forty-five years later (2011), and she's still modelling, now for Marks & Spencer and looking as fabulous as ever.
--- End quote ---

I wish the big hair styles from the 80s would come back in style!! That was the best time for hair in my opinion.

Hosiery with skirts or dresses.  We could do with less pants.

The most widespread hairstyling trend of the current time is the "beach waves" look, which to me seems to only look good about 10% of the time and the rest of the time just looks messy. I preferred the smoother hair looks of the '00s and '90s myself.


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