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'Rise Up' among six songs to join Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame



--- Quote ---And the 1983 song “Rise Up,” whose lyrics were written by poet Lynne Fernie, had its beginnings at a Pride event in Toronto before it was recorded for Parachute Club’s debut album. It won them single of the year at the 1984 Juno Awards
--- End quote ---

Rise Up was considered the anthem of the Toronto LGBQ community.

BTW, the video was shot in Toronto and some of the scenes were near where my office was at the time.

Interesting, I had never heard of it before. But I was just a toddler when it was released.

I have never been to Toronto, but I have been to Quebec City a bunch of times. I am heading out for dinner in 20 minutes with several of my Quebecker colleagues.

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Why hasn't anyone mentioned Monty Python's Lumber Jack Song?


--- Quote from: Dani on October 22, 2019, 09:35:14 pm ---Why hasn't anyone mentioned Monty Python's Lumber Jack Song?

--- End quote ---

Why would anyone?  I've never heard of it.  I only mentioned Rise Up because it was in  the news today.

Never heard it until this morning!  I LIKE it!  Thanks for calling this to our attention.

Talking about a new way
Talking about changes and names
Talking about building the land of our dreams
His tightrope's gotta learn how to bend
We're makin' new plans
We're gonna start it again

From the release date, it looks like I was two years old when "Rise Up" came out.


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