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Ted Cruz and forcing decisions on children

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--- Quote from: Linde on November 04, 2019, 02:59:34 pm ---That is a pretty cynical outlook into the world.  i think some of these people mean what the say.

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Yes it is.  I used to take them at their word but after a while I figured out that their word isn't good for much of anything.  Some of the 3rd party candidates are pretty close to being genuine but the rest are just pawns of their party or simply power hungry megalomaniacs and I don't trust them a bit.

We live in a society where people don't think critically (generally speaking).  Far too many people rely on the people on their TV to tell them what to think about events and such.  Add in the echo chamber effect of social media and it really shouldn't be a surprise that this nation is so divided.  Playing up the "us versus them" angle to levels approaching "they want to exterminate us" keeps people watching the news, which makes them money.  The same goes for political campaigns, that sort of thing gets them a TON of political donations.  There is no incentive for them to be civil on either side of the fence because we keep voting for them.


--- Quote from: Colleen_definitely on November 05, 2019, 08:12:27 am ---.  There is no incentive for them to be civil on either side of the fence because we keep voting for them.

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I pretty much agree with you, a multiple party system without this notorious Electoral college would be a way better choice to have the system keep their own checks and balances.  But even the political world in Europe which has multiple party systems, seems to drift more and more towards extremists on either side.  I don't know what one could do about this, because what else than Democracy, which by its nature, is very vulnerable, is out there?  Monarchie did not work well, Dictatorships are not that great either, and Anarchy ran into it's own death in ancient Greece already.
What is left?  Being cynical does not help either!

 :police: I know I'd appreciate it if the conversation would return to the topic at hand: Ted Cruz and the article
mentioned in the O/P.  :police:

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