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I have been on HRT for just nine months now is any one taking a DHEA supplement while they are on HRT?

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DHEA is dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a hormone and both Estradiol and Testosterone are made from DHEA in our bodies.

Mayo clinic recommends against using DHEA with either Estradiol or Testosterone because of the possibility of excess hormone production.

There is very little evidence to show any benefit from taking DHEA as a supplement.

Thank you Dani,

That is really interesting. I wonder if this is the reason some Dr's are recommending this in the early stages (Tanner 1 and 2) to replicate the intense hormonal changes in puberty, kick start. Then taking them off the supplement once they move into Tanner 3.

Especially when a blocker, antagonist (biochemistry) is being avoided because of the nature of the medication and its side effects. Trading one for another.

I would still love to hear from any one that is doing this with the guidance of their medical specialist.


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