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Quick follow-up regarding my low E reading. My trans doctor read the numbers and offered to up my dose to three patches a week, something I've wanted for two years. I did ask her if there were other E delivery methods we older lades might use, so I'll share her advice when it arrives.


Well I am on 2 high dose patches twice a week , constantly cleaning glue off my thighs !!!!

On two patches per week, my E levels were around 65. Going to three patches pushed the number up to 150. When you remove a patch, wipe some baby oil on the leftover adhesive and let it sit. Usually after 3 - 5 minutes the adhesive will become much easier to remove.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

<dose removed>

           Under my 'cheep' Humana formulary plan (above) 'patches' are listed as same "tier 4" as 'valerate' which I am paying full price for until $400 deductible met. From what I see here surely I'd probably be paying a lot more for what amounts to much less "mg"?

          Any reason why NOT doing "IM"s instead? More ml 'bang per buck' not to mention less hassle too? Are there higher concentrations that are NOT listed here? (estradiol cream shows as tier 3) Am currently paying $114 for a standard 5ml/100mg vial (mods: these are NOT "dosing" simply what I see "available")

Am told "implants" are available for a flat $250 but my insure wouldn't cover those at all.


The concentrations of Estradiol Valerate Injection that are commonly available are 10mg/ml, 20mg/ml and 40 mg/ml. They are usually available in a 5 ml multi-dose vial.

The quantity injected (expressed as mg or ml) and how often it is injected are what determines the dose, which is prescribed by your doctor. Similarily, when discussing Estradiol Patches, the size of the patch and how often it is applied, determine the dose.

Keep in mind that hormone therapy used for transition purposes is an Off Label Use. Insurance may or may not cover the full amount. Read your insurance policy.


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