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I am 34 years old and I have been trying to lose weight to improve my health and make things easier for whenever I start Transition.

I tried cutting carbs and exercising for 30 minutes a day and haven't lost much weight. I have been using the slim fast diet. I was thinking of trying to drink Green Tea however some people in my family are against it. I just want to know a good way to boost metabolism.

Hi Vivian,

I have lost almost 50kg in the last three years, there is no easy way or fast short cut way to do it, everyone has something that works for them.

My method was pretty simple, eat healthy, count the calories to make sure you don’t exceed your daily limit (it is really easy to do that), don’t eat empty calories like treats, they may be nice but they don’t fill you, cut the carbs. Eat fish, thick unsweetened yoghurt, soups to help fill you up.

If you have a bad day and over eat don’t beat yourself up, just carry on the diet the next day.

I wish you every success, stick to it be strong and in a few weeks you will see results and feel better.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Vivian:
Weight loss is not always successful and long lasting with some of the fad diets and the various thoughts regarding carbs, fat, special drinks and special food.   

It almost aways boils down to daily Calorie intake. 
For the most part, what we eat is not as important as how much we eat and the calories that we put into our mouths.  For the average person, about 1500 calories per day is a rough estimate, may be more or less for smaller/larger and less/more active individuals.   

A weight maintaining diet usually works if one takes in an amount of calories a day and burns the same amount of calories a day.  A daily weight loss diet involves taking in less calories than are used.

Then, of course with regular exercise and activities additional calories can be used up in that manner as well.
NOTE:  Calories are burnt with normal body metabolism and that can be boosted with regular exercise that will increase heart rate for at least 20 - 30 minutes.

What helps me a lot is portion control.  I basically eat what I want to eat (I love comfort food and treats) but I use smaller plates and smaller portions and I don't go back for seconds.

Of course with any diet, there may be known or unknown medical issues that should be discussed with your doctor when going on a long term or drastic diet plan and starting exercise plans that are not ordinary done and are strenuous.

Just my thoughts and opinions, that is all.   It is better to always check with your doctor about your weight loss plans and goals. 
Be safe, don't be sorry.

Best of luck to you.
I am wishing you well in achieving your goals.

Cutting carbs is great and so is exercising.  However calories is the most important factor in weight loss as others above have said. 

It takes a lot commitment if you want to lose weight.  It’s even harder for women to lose weight.  You can do it though! 

I recommend getting an app that tracks your calories and carbs.  The most popular is carb manager.  You can add your calories burned from working out also.

Best wishes on your journey!

Try to do the South Beach Diet, or something other resembling the Mediterranean Diet, and keep up your exercising.  You also have to do some calorie counting to stay below the calories you need each day.


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