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Allie Jayne:
I have lost 26 kg this year and mostly by just keeping my meals small and avoiding sugar. I have been eating a cabbage soup recipe designed for weight loss, and found it to be beneficial. My exercise regime hasn’t changed, so I’m putting all of my weight loss down to diet.


A healthy person who consumes fewer calories than needed to maintain weight should eventually result in some weight loss.  This may take quite awhile as about a 3500 calorie deficit should result in a pound of weight loss for many people.  Your results and needs may vary.

I have no magic diet but I have noticed not consuming much sugar or carbs results in ME losing weight as compared to me eating foods with significant amounts of those dietary compositions.

Keep at it.

Some people do benefit from writing down what and how much they eat, including condiments, sauces, drinks, etc. 


Google the Hacker's Diet, it worked for me.

Having said that, I was only slightly overweight, but I was still dieting for a couple of months to achieve my target.

As a medical person I would like to point out that some diets are not really good for your health.  I diet like the in Keto, can have long term negative health effects.
You want to be a slim and trim woman, but not a slim and sick woman!

I am not a doctor (I am a PE and a PI) and I tend to be excessive. I use to be diabetic and no matter how hard I tried I could not get rid of the last 50 pounds and visceral fat.

I now eat Keto. I eat vegetables, healthy fats and protein. I severely restrict carbs.

Dr. Boz on you tube is a good start. She teaches the diet to Navy Seals ( it increases endurance) and many others.

I also do time restricted feeding 18/6.

I go to the gym lift weights 3 days a week and spin twice a week.

I take micronutrients and collagen (50 grams a day of very high quality).

I lost over 50 pounds this year and gained a lot of muscle. I have increased endurance and mental clarity.  My visceral fat is all but gone and my tummy muscles are visible.

I agree with Linde, many people do not know how to use the diet correctly. They do not eat vegetables and salads and they eat incorrect fats. Also, the protein I eat is mostly hydrolyzed from broth and of very high quality.  You either eat keto all the time or do not do the program. All the time means zero variances.

I eat a large lunch and 500 or fewer calories dinner. I do not count calories. I had a blood test about 1 hour after my large lunch and my glucose was 88. My body converts protein to glucose in gluconeogenesis.

It took about 3 weeks for my gut flora to be able to handle the diet change. It is called the keto flue. 

Something to keep in mind. You must eat vegetables and salad on the diet.  It is very important to eat it every day.

With a blood sugar above 100 you secrete insulin. It puts carbs into your muscles and liver. If you ate protein and fat it will be converted to triglycerides and put into a fat cell. Carbs below 90 to 100 and you eat protein and fat and you secrete glucagon and that transports the fat and protein into your cells.

Hunger pains on the 18/6 time restricted feeding is 1/10 when fat adapted. 18/6 allows 2 hours a day of apothogy. I also take apocynin 99.5% pure, 5 grams a day to aid in cell competition.

One thing I want to do is weekly fast for 18 hours. Your stem cells retreat to your bone marrow and when you break fast they come out super charged. It really sounds exciting to try. I will talk to my doctor about the weekly fast when I see her in November.

Oh, I am going to make heavy wiping cream, ground stevia, chia seeds and hyaluronic acid pudding this weekend. No heat needed. I take hyaluronic acid every day. Chia is a natural laxative and heavy wiping cream is yummy but needs a sweater.  I love stevia. Next I will add some cacao. ( ask me about the evidenced based hyaluronic acid naked mole rat and transgenic mice study if you want to know about hyaluronic acids benefits).



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