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Help!!! I've been trying to lose weight but I'm seem to be stuck I'm down to 250 but I can't seem to lose the last 70lbs. I've been on hormones for 2 years. I am constantly doing cardio and I'm not eating <not allowed> food. Dealing with weight issues really makes me feel down in the dumps.

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Hi Ashley

Losing weight sucks and I hate it...mainly because I have to do it...I had to lose 16kgs (35lb) for surgery and then put most It of it back on when I had to have my hip replaced. I couldn't do much for about 3 months but I am actually back on track. I am back walking 20 mile per week minimum so that is helping. A friend of mine suggested I should eat protein every 2 hours...handful of nuts, boiled egg or tuna were some suggestions. I have yet to try it but it is not the first time I have been told that protein helps burn fat. Good luck with your weight loss chase and don't loose heart we all get to that stage where we takes determination to get through this part.

Take care


Hi Ashley!

I’ve been doing time restricted eating (a version of intermittent fasting) and I absolutely love it. I’ve never been big on limiting myself to certain kinds of foods and I’ve always had a tendency to eat my pain but this has changed my life. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something to help!

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Hi Ashley,

I know exactly what you're going through.  I was inclined to educate myself in nutrition and natural health when my doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me over 20 years ago.

I'm not sure what your appetite is but if your eating something and very shortly thereafter you are hungry again, that's your body's way of telling you, what you just ate didn't give it the proper nutrition it needed so it gives you the hunger signal again to give it the nutrition it needs.  Counting calories is important but also need to figure out what your body needs. These needs are very dynamic for instance, when we are transitioning, our body has different needs than when it did before transition and more than likely different needs after we transition.

For me, I also had intestinal issues that were created by things that it was not tolerant with which caused inflammation such as gluten.  When I finally gave up consuming anything with gluten, which was difficult for me since I loved my beer, I lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and felt so much better.  The way your intestinal tract is currently functioning, especially your bowel movements, will give you indicators on whether or not you are consuming something that is irritating it.  Your overall body's health starts in your intestines because that's where your body gets it's nutrition from.

Another thing I did that helped tremendously was to give up eating starchy carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, pasta, etc., on a daily basis.  I do eat those foods occasionally, generally no more than once or twice a week, but just not everyday.  If you find it too hard to give up, just cut your portions in half and that should help significantly.  Starchy carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body and is a definite source of weight gain.

I hope this helps you in some way.  Good luck in your journey.

With Love,


The method of losing weight is very simple, but very difficult to do. Eat less and exercise more. Eating less is easier than exercising.

In my case, despite >15 year regular running and biking, my weight has steadily increased from 65 kg (143 lbs) to 70 kg (154 lbs) during the past 15 years while my biological age from 40 to 55. My height is 184 cm (6 feet).

During the last 2 days, I did not eat any rice at all while rode a bike for > 4 hours. I feel my girth has decreased, but remember that weight loss is a long-term goal for > 1 year.

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