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How long did it take for you to get cleavage?

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Ask me again in 3 years…

I am quite thin, I only weigh about 58/60kg (my height is 5'6'' at most) but I managed to get about a B cup so far (my bras are 30/32B), and I started noticing a difference about 5 months into HRT. I'm on my 9th month and finally they aren't as painful/sensitive when I bump into things or people
My mum and sisters have quite big breasts tho, so that could be it?

I'm going to get implants tho because for me, they don't look particularly the way I want them to look, but I'm happy to have some boobs and that my surgeon is happy to cut below my <breasts> and slide through that way (not below the muscle approach) as there's enough tissue :)

im only an A cup at just past 6 months on HRT they are starting to be more rounded they are growing slow I hope I get to a B.


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