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How long did it take for you to get cleavage?

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I am so skinny, it looks like I have had defined breast cup boobs for five plus years now. Since starting transition on July 4th, my bust has went up 3 inches. On measurements alone, you think I have cleavage and jiggle but I don't. Bust is 38 inches now, under bust 31.5, over bust 33.5 inches. I still have no cleavage even though my nipples are showing through my shirts now. Once the budding has advanced some more and my breasts develop depth to the left and right if that makes sense maybe I will finally have cleavage. With nipples poking through, I am going to start using camisole top to smooth the poking nipples. Mom don't think I have breast cleavage yet so I am still in the closet for now. She just thinks I have a man chest rather than a boy chest.

From my flat-chested days I can suggest a couple of tips to enhance the area in general, if that would be at all helpful.
In terms of helping to get closer to achieving a visible cleavage, I found that wearing a close-fitting stretchy camisole (low cut) under my top helped to hold my squishies closer together. If you can find the type with with adjustable straps that's always a bonus.
To give myself the appearance of a fuller chest (although it doesn't help achieve a cleavage) I would steer towards any tops/dresses with an empire waist or ruched chest. They naturally enhanced the appearance of my squishies and were a favourite when I needed a boost to feel feminine.


Sorry, 'my squishies' is a pet name for my boobs.

Faleig_hC, do you think your mom is in denial not seeing that you are developing real breasts? If your nipples are showing through your shirts as you that is a sure sign.

Nyx.78, if you are ready to really show that you have them, get a little pushup bra and then they will definitely show that you are starting to show you have brests.   

My parents think I gave up on the transition but I have not. The thought has not even crossed her mind after 3 plus years. To be fair I lost so much fat in my chest area back in 2015, she probably just thinks I have gained back what I lost. I gained it in the breasts and is increasing more on top of that. I can raise my arms above my head and you can see the entire outline of my rib cage. You still can but the effect is not as pronounced now. First attempt at transition went from 2015-2019.

Courtney G:
I spent the first 50something years of my life with 0.00000 breast tissue and very small nipples. Got some budding and a small amount of flesh from alternative methods and prescription finasteride (for hair loss).

Then HRT started on 12/31/21

In the nearly 8 months since, my chest and back muscles have diminished and my boobs have begun to blossom, despite being on a low dose of E. My underbust measures 32 3/4 and overbust is 37 1/4. I'm currently wearing a 36A, but I'm not sure it's the right size. But it's my boobs in those cups, albeit not filled to overflowing. My areolae are about 32mm when "relaxed" and have a dark color that shows through white shirts. Both breasts point out a bit and are pointy in shape, but they have a full, round base. It's recently gotten to the point where I can feel them move around when I walk, especially without a top on. This used to be limited to running/jumping/stairs.

I've found that they get in the way a little in bed. I have to pull them out from between my arm and my upper ribcage or I feel uncomfortable. I'm very close to running into trouble when sleeping on my chest. And when I lay on my side I can look down and see a beautiful cleavage. My breasts touch if I ease my arms together a bit.

This is a cami, no bra:


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