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--- Quote from: Allie Jayne on November 24, 2019, 07:38:33 pm ---As I am just easing in to being out full time, I am going to try RevitaLash as I’ve read good reports about it and it’s not as expensive as extensions. It is a serum which stimulates growth of your own lashes so that even the new lash hairs grow out longer. It is based on the active ingredients found in a medicine for treating severe conjunctivitis which had the side effect of lash growth. There are a lot of cheaper serums around, but they don’t have the same active ingredient, and are not as effective.


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Yep.  I've had this lined up for a while recommended by my beautician.  Can't wait (good for brows as well).  Already using the conditioner from the same brand and have noticed a slight diff :)


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