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Have you ever changed or highlighted your hair color or wanted to do so?

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--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on November 22, 2020, 03:00:30 pm ---
It is interesting that hair growth stopped when you color treated your hair.
I wonder if that is more the exception or the norm.


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I was thinking the same thing - I’ve never heard of that before but im going to check with Michelle - my hairdresser - as that would be a game changer!

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big kim:
Me in green with walking stick at punk rock festival & with Jenna Glitter Trash vocalist.This was the last time I had my hair coloured & it never grew longer than this while coloured. I'm mid back length now

Yes, I used to dye my hair. I have dark hair by nature, so typically I was choosing red, purple or black. Then something happened to my hair that I had to start wearing a wig, so I had probably all possible colours. Now I have my natural hair again, it's dyed dark red.
Most of the time I was doing it myself.

Changing hair color, including hair highlighting, can be fun.  I have not every made any dramatic changes.
Once though I made it look too feminine looking though for the point I was in my transition so I reverted back.

Wigs can provide that opportunity too to see different styles, colors, and lengths.

But, nothing beats your own hair if it looks appropriate and is stylish.


Northern Star Girl:
I am naturally blond....  but now at 40 years old I am seeing some gray hairs... so I sometimes use a hair color treatment to regain my original hair color....  I seem to be doing it more often this last year or two.....
.... hmmmm, that is unsettling for sure but it is part of life and aging.   I have friends barely in their 30's that have
a lot of gray hair, so I count myself fortunate.



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