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Have you ever changed or highlighted your hair color or wanted to do so?

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--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on January 18, 2021, 03:58:35 pm ---I am naturally blond....  but now at 40 years old I am seeing some gray hairs... so I sometimes use a hair color treatment to regain my original hair color....  I seem to be doing it more often this last year or two.....
.... hmmmm, that is unsettling for sure but it is part of life and aging.   I have friends barely in their 30's that have
a lot of gray hair, so I count myself fortunate.


--- End quote ---

@Northern Star Girl


You are a beautiful woman. 
Your appearance is attractive also.  Whatever hair color.


As an older woman, I don’t like the grey.

So we’ve colored back to it’s original brunette (well as close we can get based on an old picture) and have also added blondish highlights.

I love how it looks.

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