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Have you ever changed or highlighted your hair color or wanted to do so?

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big kim:
I'm 64 & started going grey at 18 as did my sister, our parents were grey in their 20s. I've been mousey brown (natural colour, jet black, black cherry, red, dark brown, light brown, and every shade of blonde from ash to platinum. I coloured and bleached my hair til 57. I got tired of the expense and the bleach was hurting my scalp so I decided to grow it out in summer 2015. My natural colour at last!

Always been natural.  I might change the colour later with more length and a different style.


Although wigs can be nice and a way to try out various colors, styles, lengths, and so on it seems simpler to try highlights on your own hair.  So I may dabble more with that but keeping my own hair natural just seems to be more natural!  I doubt I would go with a significant all over color change on my hair though.  Maybe as I get older and if I go full time, I might.  Ya never know! 


I think for starters just highlights, maybe soon.  Gonna mention it to my stylist next time.  Thanks for reminding.

big kim:
Thinking of a Mike Monroe style platinum long shag for the punk rock festival. Or a temporary claret & blue split again (West Ham supporter)


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