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Her series of 62 videos on youtube are in my opoinion the best! She is funny a good speaker,yet is also serius and sensative,she can be very profound on the various aspects of trans and the problems of transition from her own experience.She is certainly no angel,and had a screwed up life including drugs.BBut she is honest enough to be frank about her own shortcomings, and admit most of them were her own fault.You cannot help but admire her honresty.She would be the first to warn against coppying her lfe verbatun with all its problems, but there is a great deal to learn  from her story!

Yes I watched her a lot when first coming to terms myself. She resonated with me I think because it seemed that 'transness' grabbed her with it's talons and wouldn't let go. It was like she was carried away from one life direction into another. She was very relate-able to my situation, at least at first. Yes, her head was not always screwed on right, but whose is?


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