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I hate transphobic people. (Vent)

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Angélique LaCava:
Today is my 4th anniversary of me starting hormones, so like usual I posted it on facebook, an hour later some douche decided to comment saying "your beard is coming along nicely". What the hell is wrong with people saying stuff when you never even spoke to them.

People are <not allowed> transphobic and worthless wasted of space block them and move on dont let them tear you down you are a woman who cares what they think...

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I would expect a few people don't care, or want to play or be funny. I wouldn't see it as transphobic necessarily in some cases, but it's definitely not respectful considering how we might feel. Some times I think we have to develop a sense of humour, since there's bound to be some stuff around. That or be adamant about respecting trans people. Either way you gotta find a way that works for you, maybe.

Julie H:

Haley Conner:
Sometimes it's hard to tell whether people are being mean or just idiots.


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