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Pelvic Floor Therapy


Do you have experience with Pelvic Floor Therapy?


--- Quote from: Katie76 on December 05, 2019, 03:51:02 pm ---I had not seen much on this topic except an old post about a year ago.

I have recently begun pelvic floor therapy.
My doctor said PFT (Pelvic Floor Therapy) prior to and after GCS helps in recovery. She also said PFT is a procedure  she hopes will be included in the WPATH Standards of Care.

On to my story....

My first appointment was yesterday.  I was not prepared for what was involved, however I did let the therapist know that with my transition, I am willing to "go through the hoops, pay the ticket," or whatever it takes to recover from the surgery.  My therapist (a female) was very understanding. I am her first transgender patient.  What a teachable moment for both of us.  Since my GCS is coming soon (early Janurary 2020), my therapist recommended I see her twice a week, to learn how exercise, strengthen, and manipulate muscles below.  Having hindsight, I wish I had started PFT sooner.  Does anyone have experience with PFT, is there anything I may need to be aware of?

My love to you all,

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I think they mean Kegel exercises?  I do them if I think about it, and have achieved quite a bit control over my bladder emptying over time.

The concept that pelvic floor therapy can benefit for post-op tradeswoman seems to be spreading.  It is not just to treat incontinence issues, but post-op complications like mine.  Here in Israel a physical therapist who specials in pelvic floor therapy for postpartum woman recently began to connect with the trans community.  I made an appointment with her, she examined me and was familiar with my type of problem.  She explained a massage technique for my swollen labia minora and recommended purchasing a support garment that helps women with similar issues.  While I still need a revision, she really helped me ease my pain and discomfort.


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