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Julie H:
I just wanted a place to vocalize my thoughts, feel free to respond or ignore as you will.

Once I started hrt I felt much better and no longer wished to transition. I asked my endo to reduce my E dosage. Now that I am on the new dose I am feeling icky and more depressed I am hoping that my doctor will be able to raise the dose back up on my Monday appointment. I was hoping that the reduced dosage wouldn't negatively affect my emotions but I fear that I was wrong. Right now my biggest fear is that it will take months to get back to a comfortable dose.

Sorry for all who read this I suspect that my posts here will be random and disjointed thoughts that just happen to pop into my mind. 

Julie H:
Bleh I fired off an email to my endo but I am not sure if it got through, more time wasted. Hopefully my doctor can increase my dose. I can hardly wait for January the 8th when I finally get to talk to a social worker.

That's too bad, but don't give up (or be patient?) Try to make the best of what you have, but maybe it'll go through faster than you think, you never know :)

Julie H:
Thank you. I am hoping that yesterday was just a bad day. I just started the lower dose prescription and yesterday was fairly rough. Not as bad as before but not where I wanted to be. I was probably thinking too much about when I nearly attempted suicide and got depressed about how close I came to trying. I'll have to wait out these next few days and see how I feel then talk to my doctor about it.

Julie H:
I got a response from my endo and will be going back to my normal dose after I talk to my doctor monday.


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