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Julie H:
I doubt its my meds, could be money issues but I get paid on Friday. I was feeling not too bad for a while but tonight noise just puts me on edge. It happens from time to time.

Julie H:
So last night I thought I came up with an epiphany but I think I was wrong. I was thinking that I was born with the wrong genitals but the right gender. I then thought about how I feel uncomfortable in "male" area's as I don't belong there. I feel more comfortable with women then I do men.

I don't know if it is cowardice or laziness or some of both but if I transition it will only be to get grs. I'm tired, I don't have the strength to fight any more.

Julie H:
My cat is being a little monster right now, he is sure making typing difficult, he's fighting to press random keys on the keyboard even when I hold it up.

Northern Star Girl:
@Julie H
Dear Julie:

After a full week of not seeing any new updates on your thread or no new posts
elsewhere around the Forums I am concerned for you.

I hope and trust that you are OK, staying healthy and staying safe.

Hopefully your cat is being a good companion to you.

HUGS, and wishing you well.

Julie H:
I am doing ok. I have a lump on my leg that I've had for years but it might be getting bigger I'll have to check with my doctor when I see her next.


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