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POST OP SRS concerns/questions that I need help with :)


Hey there everyone, so I’m post op 5 weeks now with dr. Brassard and I have a few questions that I want any of you who have had srs to answer. So the first month I was healing amazing, and just a couple days ago I was using the bathroom and noticed I was bleeding from my canal with what it looked like blood clots hanging out. Ever since I’ve been waking up with bloody discharge around my vagina but none on my bed pad (so not a lot) and from what I can see is a blood clot (thick blood) at the bottom back of my canal. It won’t come out with douching and it seems to just stay there. Has anyone else experienced this? What was your healing time I guess with this? Or does anyone know how this could’ve happened?

I also notice the beginning stages of granulation at the bottom V opening of my canal/vagina. Not bright red, doesn’t bleed, doesn’t hurt. The nurses said it’s the beginning stage of it and that if I keep it clean and dry as possible it should heal, has anyone experience this? Has anyone’s light granulation gone away on its own? I know I typed a lot here but I’m just a little worried 😦 thanks again so much for your answers

Hi, sweetangelsisi!

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I am sorry to hear that you have some problems with your recovery.  Hopefully you can get them solved soon.  I am not much help, I am afraid, since I won't be going to Montreal until March.

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A few weeks after my GCS, my surgeon suggested that I sit in my bathtub filled with enough warm water to cover my new genitals. This helped somewhat, but I used a sanitary pad for almost 6 months after GCS. Healing takes time.


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