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Not sure if I am intersex

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--- Quote from: zirconia on December 22, 2019, 07:40:06 am ---The concept of gender as separate from sex except as a matter of perception really and truly confuses me.

To some extent this may stem from my cultural and semantic background, as the two words don't exist as separate concepts in my first and third languages. Some people are trying to artificially introduce something supposedly equivalent to gender in order to discuss the subject—but frankly that confuses me even more. Why do something that only complicates things?

I guess to me, given my background, sex refers to both what my body is and my own inner perception of what I am. The fact that they are incongruent makes me transsexual. The purpose of treatment is to align the two.

Again, to me gender mainly refers to semantics—what people automatically categorize me as. Including gender expression—which still gives tons of leeway for everyone to play around with.

I wrote a bit about the subject in earlier posts in the Gender Discussion - reality etc thread. Here's another post that I tried to express my thoughts in from the same thread..

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I know terminology and so on can be confusing. I am fluent only in English but I can imagine that the differences in your first and third languages would only complicate things further.

I get the general impression that the agreement is that sex refers to the physical whilst gender refers to the social/emoitonal. Ergo:

Physical sex =/= sex identity =/= gender identity =/= gender expression


--- Quote from: Maid Marion on December 22, 2019, 06:06:59 am ---No testing.  I don't have any low T medical issues.

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I thought all the time that I did not have those either!

For the intersex, does it cause by abnormal hormone secretion?


--- Quote from: annajamey on April 10, 2020, 09:11:03 pm ---For the intersex, does it cause by abnormal hormone secretion?

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Being intersex can be caused by many things, but having a hormone status that is not distinctly male or female is sometimes present


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