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Birth certificate gender change - Utah

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Hello Fam!

I had a few questions I was hoping some of you might be able to help me with. I live in Iowa but was born in Utah. I recently petitioned an Iowa court for a name change. I am expecting a ruling on it tomorrow. The University of Iowa has an excellent LGBTQ clinic. They are honestly next level! I received a packet from them when I began transitioning that outlined everything that needs done to change names and gender on all documents. In Iowa you have to have GRS to change your gender on your birth certificate.

After looking into things I realized that I actually have to follow the rules of the state I live in to change my gender marker on my birth certificate. I was born in Utah. From what I have read you do not have to have had GRS to change the gender on your birth certificate.

I found that you have to send in a petition to the Utah courts requesting the change. The thing is that I am having a heck of a time finding information on what exactly needs filed and how to file everything properly.

Has anyone had to deal with the Utah government regarding this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


I haven’t had experience with Utah but the National Center for Transgender Equality has info for each of the 50 states.

Check out


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I had looked there and selected Utah. They had a sample name change and gender change page, but nothing on the page said anything about gender.

Since I will be getting the court order for the name change from Iowa and have to get a court order for gender change from Utah I am unsure if I can file them together.

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Oh my gosh! I honestly didn't know I would get this excited about something, but my name has legally been changed!! I just got an email from the court! I am having to hold back tears right now!

This is amazing! Now on to filing the official order with Utah!

Congratulations Renee!!!  That is a huge milestone worthy of celebrating.


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