Author Topic: I did not know this: Kim Petras released one of the better albums of the year  (Read 225 times)

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For so many years, I, along with many others, knew Kim Petras as one of the youngest transitioners out there. Jealous I was of her bravery...

Anyway, fast forward to today, and I see a list of best albums by new artists in 2019, and I see Kim Petras listed as one the new artists.

I was like, "Not THAT Kim Petras!?" But yes it is! And she moved to Los Angeles to start a music career. She released her first album this year.

Here's a sample - this is one of my favorite tracks from the album:

It's not exactly my cup of tea, as it's pretty standard pop. But hats off to her!


PS. She is, of course, still beautiful, BTW.  S.
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Hi @sarahc

Oh my gosh girl I LOVE Kim Petras!! In fact I'm listening to her song Heart to Break right now. I can't get enough of that song. I think Kim is awesome!!

I just thought it was kinda weird that I'm listening her music and scrolling the subjects on here and I run across a post about her. Spooky... >:-)

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