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Pros and Cons, things you miss.

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Bathrooms can be very dirty.

So much so one does not want to use it at times.


I'm non-binary so I just pick and choose what I like most about each gender.

I actually liked using the male bathroom to powder my face, it doesn't cause a commotion at all.

I way prefer female fragrances, I don't even understand the point of the male ones. I get the point they're trying to be masculine but it doesn't smell the most wonderful.

They love make-up.

They used to play computer games alot, I guess that's "Stereotypically" masculine.

I just don't have a gender role.

They can be strong sometimes.

Actually just an update.

They identify as plain female now... They are so gender confused lol!

I guess it's more normal. xx.

No they've decided they're just a crossdresser lol. Nothing that serious...

I found this pros and con's list from my trip to my first psychology appointment in Oct 2018 I unfortunately had well over 20 bags and purses at this point so is missing from the list

Think some of the comments came from the appointment

I have had a good read of this list this morning and decided not to add to it or comment further even though I now have 2.5 years more of experience and the list was made fairly quickly

Cons of being female                                             Comments
Not looking female enough                                                      Hormones will soften look
Deep voice                                                                             will need voice lessons surgery very risky
Mother finding out and removing my testicles for me   
Mother is racist and homophobic and generally hates most humans and animals   not a lot can do here
My beautiful wife who I love so much didn’t ask for any of this   
Work would be much harder to be taken seriously                     I am good at my job regardless of gender
Could earn less money   
Some boy traits will not go away (holding doors open)   
Lack of masturbation                                                             More time to do other things
Travel restrictions                                                             Do I really want to visit Iraq etc
Not be invited out on stag doo’s and lad’s nights out                     Not a lot of lads nights and don't enjoy that much. No Stag doo's on Horizon and Hen doo would more than make up for it
Pros of being female   
Hopefully happier                                                                        The correct hormonal balance to your perceived gender should reduce anxiety and improve being
Not always wanting to masturbate                                                More time to do other things
Look how I feel                                                                        Generally more at ease in my body
Have more in common with my wife   
Wear shoes that I love   
Hair appointments   
Nail salons   

Pros of male   
Better salary                                                                     probably true
Visit any country                                                                    TRUE
Keep wife happy                                                                    Probability of resentment issues
Save money on up keep                                                    TRUE
masturbation                                                                    Only because of natural male urges
Making Babies                                                                    have 2 children
Cons of male   
Living a lie                                                                           Would probably get worse
I don’t like it                                                                   Would probably get worse
I don’t look pretty                                                           Would probably get worse
Hair loss                                                                           Would probably get worse
Gender makes no difference   
Can still drink real ale                                                          and anything else
Nearly all friends know and don’t care or are doing dam good job of hiding it   TRUE
I make new friends all the time                                         TRUE
Sex still depends on wife wanting it                                         Yes, but hormones may not only reduce libido but slight chance of dysfunction
I can still bake   
Should be allowed to BBQ still   
I can hopefully drive a car just as well                                 May have some issues with spatial awareness!!
Still eat healthy   
Watching Liverpool and England play football                         May lose some interest when on hormones
Fishing (apart from weeing more difficult)                                 true on the weeing
Being polite   




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