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I'm a 16 year old boy. For all I can remember I've always felt a disconnect from my external male genitalia, the penis and testicles I have. I've always thought that I would eventually, with puberty, come to terms with them and become accepting of their existence. But to my surprise I still maintain negative feelings towards them. I've not thought that I could be MtF transgender, as I am completely comfortable presenting as a male, with the physical characteristics of a male like tall, muscular, deep voice, body hair, except the genitalia. I was wondering if it is possible to have penis and testicle removed as a gender confirmation surgery, like Male to Eunuch Transgender, or MtF surgery but only transition in that one physical way, like no female hormones, presenting as a female or anything, just removal of my male genitalia. Ive thought about cutting it off myself so I can become more comfortable in my body and I am more close then ever to attempting it following advice from another website related to that.

Any, and all help and advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi and welcome!

First you should know that it's dangerous to attempt doing anything yourself, not only in the act itself, but also how it'll affect your life afterwards. (including in terms of testosterone)
You're even still developing now, and the testicles are responsible for those hormones that your body gets, to develop as well as maintain it healthy in various ways.

There may be a reason that you feel this way about your genitalia, whether it's gender related or another condition. It could be useful to talk to a therapist (preferably who's had trans patients) in order to see how they can help you, both in figuring out some things, and for connections to medical professionals who may have solutions for something you might want with regards to all this.

There are venues for non-binary people, which may be appropriate for you even if it's hard to tell how you are in terms of your gender identity just from what you've said up to now (though perhaps involving male as well as agender). Sometimes there are some that seek to only change some parts. It would be worth it to explore both your feelings as well as possibilities around these things.

Welcome to Susan's Place.

There are many different types of people here and if you are still questioning anything, you should be talking to a counselor trained in gender issues. I feel your dysphoria concerning your gender issues. I had it when I was your age and I have found a way to resolve those issues for myself. You must find a solution that works for you. We can tell you our experiences, but only a trained counselor can help you decide what is proper for you.

As Sarah has already mentioned, we do  not suggest any do-it-yourself surgery. This is incredibly dangerous and most likely will not give you the results you want. Surgeons have many years of experience and even then sometimes things do not go well.

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