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Hey girls.  I just wanted to say that I recently bought a pillow that helps me sleep a little more elevated than usual.  It has helped a lot with silent reflux while I'm sleeping.  My voice doesn't take nearly as long to recover after I wake up.

I just had a question.  Does lying down still effect other people ?   I feel like part of my problem is the throat closes from the weight of gravity and causes a lot of hoarse speech after I rise again.  Is this true ?

Throat closure when lying down is sometimes called Sleep Apnea. The main cause of this is being overweight. I was way overweight and I  had sleep apnea. I had sleep apnea so severe, that I would stop breathing while asleep and when my oxygen blood levels would drop to dangerous levels, I would wake up gasping for air.

I went through sleep studies and surgeries on my nasal and throat airways trying to relieve my sleep apnea. I experienced only limited success. My sleep apnea did not resolve until I lost over 120 pounds.

If your only symptom is gastric reflux, this is a slightly different situation. This is usually treated by head elevation while sleeping and taking antacids or gastric acid inhibitors before sleeping. Most likely you have a mix of both problems.

Do other people have this problem? Yes, many of them do and as many have experienced, the most effective treatment is to lose weight.

I am so sorry if I am giving you an answer that you may  not want, but it is based on my experience and others who have toughed it out and just made the effort to lose massive amounts of weight. All of us 100+ pound losers have similar stories to tell.

The wedge pillow was very uncomfortable for my but gaviscon advance Tablets does wonders!. They can’t be bought in the US only in the UK so I order them from amazon, try them if you haven’t already . And laying flat causes the acid to come up and mucus is produced to try and protect the vocal cords so laying slightly elevated can relieve the symptoms but it was just so uncomfortable for me

Another thought would be to get those bed support post lifters.  They are plastic cones that can raise the head of your bed up.  I have also seen them in 2 sizes, 5" and 7".  I have some on my big king size bed because I suffered from very bad and unknown acid reflux all my life.  You do tend to slide down some while sleeping and moving around.  Using these with a wedge pillow or extra firm pillows might help a lot.  The only problem is that someone has to put them in place and for a king size bed that means crawling under the bed frame to put one under the center bed frame support.

Acid reflux? I’m not sure what it is but I might have had it. I had voice surgery this morning and when I got home I felt like I was going to throw up and I started gagging a few times and coughed once so I’m thinking I had acid reflux? I’m scared and paranoid that I may have damaged something or ripped a stitch has anyone else gagged after their surgery


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