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Primer, Concealer and Foundation

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As I am getting old, I consider wearing concealer and foundation. One of my friends recommended to wear primer before applying foundation. Even I did not know what primer is. He recommended the following one as my face is oily and I have ordered it:

I also got a pore concealer.

Yesterday I tried both pore concealer and foundation after applying moisture cream and Shiseido sun cream.

I feel my face looks better.  With primer, I wish my face look further better.

My friend said to me that I should wash and clean clearly before sleeping.

Hourglass is a brand of the U.S., and I can get an imported one here in S. Korea. The price is affordable (ca. US$ 25). The pore concealer and foundation are domestic products here, and the prices are ca. US$7 and. US$ 60.

Have you tried other products to recommend?


Amy Chislett:
What are your goals?  Trying to look softer and inviting?  I doubt you have any freckles to hide.   My objective is to hide stubble.  I have the unique problem in that I have a reaction to anything coconut.  You'd be surprised how much coconut derivatives are in foundation as well as soap, which caused a real problem awhile ago. Coconut make my face soft;then I go to razor my skin and I look like a crack addict or or Jr shaving male.  So basically I don't use any foundation at present.

Rachel Montgomery:
Dang!  The woman in the last video is absolutely beautiful, and her makeup is PERFECT for her.


I realized that I am too lazy to wear foundation every day. This year, I have never worn foundation.  ;D

I have oily skin and primer does nothing for me. It is very frustrating.


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