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As a former pastor in conservative church, I am now moving forward as me

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As a former pastor/minister in a conservative/evangelical church, I am now moving forward as me, the woman I really am. In this process I haven’t lost my faith in Jesus at all.
My hope is, as I have studied Christian Theology, is a future as a transgender pastor/minister.
I would love to bring hope to other transgender individuals, that God loves them.
As I am moving forward, I would love to help other move forward that may be locked in a conservative setting as I was.
I see this as my life mission really.
This is my vision, my hope and my dream, to join my ministry with the one I really am.
I was a pastor as a man but I want to aim for being a pastor as the transgender woman I really am.


Congratulations for your courage !
As you do this, you are helping so many others to understand and accept...
I wish you all the best.



Good for you!  I hope you are able to show others that love is the most important virtue.

I have a friend who is also a pastor.   You'll be fine.

Hi Jennifer,
   I'm an atheist myself, but I love your story. I think accepting yourself is a wonderful thing. The fact that you want to help others is fantastic as well. I might tweak one thing in what you wrote, not as much a criticism as something to keep in mind. I try to always say, 'transgender people' rather than something like '<transgender people>.' I have seen many who are hostile to us, try to dehumanize us by leaving off the 'people' part. I wouldn't say anything except for your plan to preach, so I thought it important to mention. I wish you luck! From everything I've heard, this Jesus fellow was kind of an accepting sort. Take care!

Thank you  HappyMoni, for explaining this  so well.

Lets all keep in mind that Jenny is new here. If she expresses herself in an odd manner, then it just means that she needs some help. Most all of us were at this same place at one time.

Jenny, I sent you a PM.


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