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Can you learn to spread your legs?

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I'm sorry! I really couldn't think of any nice way to ask the question!
And the kind of things that the unfortunate subject suggests, well, honestly, they're not unrelated.

Right now, if I lie back, I can bring my legs to a little less than a 90° angle, which doesn't leave all that much room for, well, ahem. Whereas in my (limited) experience, (some? many? most?) women can comfortably have their thighs at something like 130°-140° (look, I never had a protractor, okay?), and even more with knees higher (that is, towards the head).
Obviously, male hips are a different shape to female ones. I was hoping to find out whether it is possible to acquire a degree of that flexibility. I wouldn't expect to match it.

I was once reasonably flexible, though more recent lack of exercise has diminished that (and I am sure a few more years of age hasn't helped), but I'm willing to get back to it. In fact, it's another reason to keep at the exercise.
Unlike 'simply' (ha) learning to do the splits, you don't get an assist from your own weight against the floor. And I'd want to be relaxed and comfortable, not straining to hold a stretch.

And if it's not possible, or to not much of a degree, I guess I should be learning about alternate, er, practices, but that's a subject for another board.

Don't have an answer other than to stretch, but I love this post. So practical and to the point.

Maid Marion:
Yes, I'm easily that flexible but I can't do splits.  With exercise my waist is nine inches thinner than my hips.  It may help that I weigh just 108lbs.


Flexibility is limited by two things, the length of  your ligaments and bone structure.

You can stretch your ligaments by exercise and increase your angle between your legs up to the point where your bone structure is the limit.

My situation is similar. Many years ago I broke my left hip in a motorcycle crash. This left me with a limited range of motion laterally on my left side. My right hip could open much wider than my left. My left hip would come up against a hard stop and I could not open my legs any wider.

I just lived with this situation until my left hip got so bad that I desperately needed a hip replacement. After I healed from my hip replacement surgery, I found that the hard stop was gone and I could open my hips wider than before.

Keep in mind that during my hip surgery recovery, I exercised several times a day and stretching was an important part of my recovery.

I see that I am not as limber as I was (or thought I was). When I was younger I too was really flexible in my arm and leg joints but two years ago I took a yoga class and it was a revelation to me to see others stretch much further than I.  I may be limited now (as Rakel notes) so I try to do what I can to stay fit.


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