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Do you prefer printed or electronic format for books and other reading material?

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Do you prefer the printed or electronic format for books and other reading material?
Does it matter depending on what kind of book or where you will be doing the reading?

Both formats, as well as the audiobook format, have some advantages.


Call me old fashioned but I like the feel of a book in my hands when I read.  I have read on my tablet but its not as enjoyable.  For news, I've converted to electronic as there is so much happening and pages are refreshed regularly. 

Northern Star Girl:
It's a PAPER BOOK for me.....    I like to turn pages, look at the book to see how far I have come and how far do I have to go to finish the book .   I sometimes have many bookmarks in the books that I am reading and will go back and forth to the different sections of the book to review what I have read.


I love books, real paper books, I also love bookshops - I used to run one.
Maybe my detest for electronic books comes from the blame I associate with them destroying the high street book trade? Either way, I have never bought an electronic book. My partner loves them, buys 2 or 3 a week!  (traitor! :) ).

Audiobooks for me, but mostly due to being extremely farsighted.   Back when I had perfect vision, I always liked the paper versions.   I didn't like what the electronic versions were doing to the bookstores.   I did like how the electronic ones could be written and published for virtually nothing.  This opened up a whole new world to poorer writers who would never be heard of otherwise.  There's just something about bookstores I like.  I really wish there had been a good way to integrate both. 


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