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Do you prefer printed or electronic format for books and other reading material?

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I like the printed pages.

However, when a friend lent me his iPads a number of years ago, I noticed electronic books.  It took me a number of months to be convinced I should spend money on a tablet, and I am glad now that I took the plunge to get a tablet computer.  (My first was a used one, and it was then I bought my first e-book).

Electronic books do provide some convenience.  I also noticed that as I add ebook-books to the tablet, it does not increase the weight of the tablet, or the telephone.  LOL.


I gotta hold paper in my hands. And I prefer paperback books as they are easier to hold with one hand.

Northern Star Girl:
I tried electronic books for a time, I finally retired my Kindle. 
I want to read a book with paper pages that I can turn.

With a paper book it is much easier to go forward or back to a
bookmarked or dog-eared page to re-read a passage or a
previous reference that was important to me.   


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