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I am aware of the support group that meets friday nights. However I don't really jive with the group a whole lot as sometimes its difficult to get a word in edgewise. there has been many times that topics would change before I had the chance to comment as I'd like to.

Also I have a very dynamic work schedule and oftentimes am simply unable to go due to the hours I am at work.

But it would be nice to find transgender friends in town I can talk to about how I feel. I was wondering if there were alternatives in town. I know there is the las vegas lounge. but it seems like half the time I meet someone there she ends up being a prostitute.

Does the Friday night group have a leader or moderator?

Is it possible for you to speak to them about having some control over the conversation?

I attend one group with a few dominate speakers and we decided that if we want to get in a comment of our own, to raise our hand and the group leader would call on us. Yes, this sounds like elementary school, but it works.

On the opposite end here, another group I attend, sometimes has nothing to say and we just fumble around trying to find a topic to discuss. Group dynamics are very interesting, to say the least.

Unfortunately the moderator seems to play favorites. If you talk with her privately about the issue, she'll later get publicly defense about it. Its not very easy to get a word in edgewise unless you butt in. They did introduce a talking stick policy, but kinda controls how the stick is passed around based on her little favorites game again.

just been too many times I raised my hand and did not get called on until after the subject has changed anyways.

I have been to this support group in the past and felt like that that group was not for me.  Unfortunately there are no other groups in Las Vegas that I have found. So for the time being it just me and my therapist.

Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: 2beGirly on October 31, 2020, 10:20:59 am ---I have been to this support group in the past and felt like that that group was not for me.  Unfortunately there are no other groups in Las Vegas that I have found. So for the time being it just me and my therapist.

--- End quote ---
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